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A break from the tourist crowds on St. George Street The vibe Retro-hip The crowd Alternative The drinks Classic cocktails and craft brews The food Fearless, fattening, and worth every bite

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Prohibition Kitchen is serving up music and style on St. George Street. This 1920s and Prohibition-era themed pub offers generous portions of locally-sourced bar food, craft cocktails, and live music every night.

jacksonville Magazine

When the 18th amendment to the Constitution was passed and ratified in 1919, the United States embarked on what President Herbert Hoover called “The Noble Experiment” of Prohibition. As the teetotalers rejoiced, bootleggers and moonshiners got to work and supplied a thirsty nation with spirits, served discreetly in basement speakeasies and after-hours clubs. Eventually the experiment ended with Americans getting back their cocktails and turning the page on temperance.